Capricorn Moon and Inevitable Depression

The Moon, being the planet of emotion; representing the mind and the mother, is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn. It’s natural ruler, Cancer, is where it thrives.


The moon rules Cancer, and it’s opposite sign is Capricorn. Oppositions in astrology create a bit of tension and a feeling of not quite being on the same page, even though they actually have a lot of similarities. Naturally, the opposite sign of any ruling planet has this sense of being uncomfortable about it, creating a “detriment” in it’s expression. Having a Capricorn moon is definitely an interesting experience. It can make you seem sad and serious, especially if you have it in the first house. In a nutshell, the moon in astrology represents your emotional responses, your mind, your mother. The Moon is an unconscious planet based on instinct. It’s not logical, it’s feeling. Many have attributed it to being one’s true nature, you at the core. It’s a hidden planet that’s characteristics are typically only known to people you have intimate relationships with — family, friends, partners, etc. Capricorn is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Saturn. It’s modality is cardinal, meaning it takes on leadership roles and it’s comfortable as a self-starter. Earth sign domain is the material aspect of life. Wealth, career and creating stability are important points. The planet Saturn is icy, cold and distant. Saturn is all about karma, restriction, responsibility, can be harsh and has little regard for emotions in any situation.

As you can imagine, even if you know nothing about astrology, Saturn’s influence on the moon can make one really uncomfortable with both feeling and expressing emotions. Capricorn moons likely grew up in an environment where they were expected to take on some level of responsibility from an early age. Whether this was often being placed in charge of siblings or helping to raise them or being expected to contribute financially to the family. Expectations from others can be very high; it can seem like Saturn is really testing these moons and their ability to succeed in all that is thrown on them. Saturn loves to challenge you, it’s what he does. But I attribute it to the fact that Capricorn moons are resilient and sometimes take on the responsibility just to test their limits. They can feel that they’re never doing enough.


There’s a restriction of emotional expression and affection that come with this placement. With Saturn being such a detached planetary influence, the inclination of the moon taking on this quality is a given. Their level of expression can be limited and their interactions can seem very cold and professional, almost businesslike. I’ve had several Capricorn moons share that they feel uncomfortable with hugs or physical affection, even from family members. Emotional outbursts from others can make them feel awkward. This would be considered more of the lower functioning nature of a Capricorn moon that still is in a stage of evolution. Normally a Capricorn moon would never allow themselves to have an outburst of any kind. They are always very cool and collected, but by no means does this equate to Capricorn moons being unfeeling creatures. I think many people believe Capricorn moons are heartless and cold because that’s what tends to be projected onto the world. This isn’t always far from the truth in some cases, but most have the capacity to feel very deeply. Although, their stoic outward expression would never let on.

The depression settles in when they feel heavy and weighed down. Somewhat of a somber state is what I would consider a Capricorn moon’s natural mood. There are always exceptions in astrology of course and aspects to the moon can definitely change this for the better. But when I think of a Capricorn moon, the first thoughts that come to mind are sarcasm and cynicism with a dry sense of humor. It can be difficult for some of them to feel satisfied with where they are, what they have and also to maintain a state of happiness. It’s almost as if they are in love with a feeling of melancholy. This is because the serious energy of Saturn is what they can feel most comfortable in. They can be labeled as pessimists, when they are actually realists that see things for what they are, not for what they want them to be. Sure, this is depressing as hell, but we all need someone to ground us into reality. I have a friend who is a double Capricorn, sun and moon. He has always been very practical and has never failed to give me advice from a logical perspective, which I appreciate. I’m usually too impulsive to think things through.


Always keeping everything inside can feel dark and burdensome. Capricorn moons tend to feel like they have to keep it together for everyone. They’re the strong ones, they feel like everyone is counting on them. Without hesitation, they will take on more work shifts and responsibilities when asked of them, even if they already have obligations occupying their time and energy. But they can handle the pressure. Saturn is tough, remember? Capricorn moons will keep people at a distance, even pushing them away when they feel someone managing to slip in. One of their major learning points is becoming more open and warm with others. They are afraid of being hurt and they are even more afraid of failure. Letting another person down or not feeling enough are huge issues for Capricorn moon people. Where some other zodiac signs might experience heart break or disappointment mainly in regard to romantic situations, success is everything for Capricorn moons. But it’s this same pressure to succeed that really drives them.

A depressed Capricorn moon is unmotivated and irritable. Their productivity plummets and their desire to accomplish tasks is no longer driving them. Grounding is important for all earth signs, and a helpful way to get them back into their nature would be to spend time in it. The moon is one of the most important placements in astrology and even though it’s in detriment here, Saturn offers an abundance of opportunities to grow.


Neptune in the First House and an Uncertain Identity

Neptune and the 12th house where it rules, are never fully understood.

Having a planet such as Neptune in one’s first house of the physical body and identity can make things feel cloudy and uncertain. The first house correlates with the sign of Aries, and it’s focus is much on the self. Planets existing within this house have a personal and profound effect on the chart holder, being that it is literally you in material form. Neptune is dreamy and mystical just as much as he is a master of illusion, relating to Pisces and the last house on the astrological wheel. People with Neptune on the ascendant or first house cusp usually have physical features and personality characteristics associated with the sign of Pisces. Their eyes can be glossy with heavy eyelids, sleepy and distant. They are sympathetic, understanding and enjoy helping others. They can seem quite spacey or “spaced out” and daydream often, spending a lot of time creating elaborate fantasies of alternate realities. Personally, I’ve found that I tend to sometimes blank out or dissociate when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Grounding exercises would likely be beneficial in helping bring them back into reality and the present moment.

People observing from the outside may view the Neptune individual in an inaccurate way since planet Neptune can often dissolve and distort things, leaving them vulnerable to people projecting their ideals onto them. The individual may then feel an obligation to fulfill the role another has placed on them to maintain the illusion. When it becomes shattered, others around them may be left feeling deceived. There can be several reasons a Neptunian might go along with other people’s perceptions of them — most of which are because they want things to be peaceful. I’ve also noticed that Neptunians tend to be chameleons that are easily able to adopt the qualities of people around them, especially if they find themselves idealizing a person.


Planet Neptune occupying the first house of a natal chart


One of the many gifts Neptune bestows upon Pisceans and other individuals influenced by the planet is a psychic ability. They can be mediums and energy healers; but regardless of whether or not they have the ability to see other dimensions or into the future, their intuition is always on point. They can be like a sponge — extremely sensitive to the environment they are in and can feel the moods and energy of others. It’s important for them to surround themselves with people that have their best interest at heart. Neptune risings are kind and gentle, preferring to avoid confronation. They are compassionate and accepting of others and can easily be taken advantage of. They can be overly giving of their time, resources and themselves, even when it’s not deserved. They are usually selfless individuals that sacrifice their own needs for the well-being of others because they have a desire to help people and want to make others happy. Some unevolved Neptunians can be prone to doing things in an unethical way where they expect to receive something out of their good deed, but I believe most have positive intentions and do things from their heart.

Since they are naturally so open to psychic influence, they can feel easily drained and their body usually requires more sleep than the average person. Neptune in the first house individuals may also be prone to mysterious illnesses of the body that are difficult to diagnose. I’ve also noticed sensitivities of the skin and within the body to stimulants, alcohol and even an intolerance to certain foods.


“I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” – Chuck Palahniuk


A downside of this placement is a confusion or lack of individual identity. With a constant influx of psychic information coming in from their environment, Neptunians can feel lost and unsure of what belongs to them and what belongs to someone else. It’s easy for them to be what other people want them to be. With Neptune being a watery and unstable planet, it can also create difficulty in defining and carrying out goals for the individual. It may take them longer than most to identify their talents, and even when they do realize they have a particular inclination to something, they may doubt their abilities or lack the confidence to proceed. As the ascendant in astrology directly deals with the moment of birth, and the first house is the beginning of your chart, Neptune’s confusion may cast a cloud over one knowing where they came from. I don’t believe it’s a common theme for this placement to make everyone’s birth circumstances unusual, but there could be an element of uncertainty as it relates to their personal identity within their family. For instance, not having a knowledge of family history or background, which can feel isolating.

Not having a concrete idea of who you are or what you’re meant to be can provide you with opportunities to explore and grow through different experiences. As you learn about yourself, you could gain a greater understanding of everything around you. I hope this resonated with those of you that have Neptune in the first house and provided insight to others learning astrology. I’ll be exploring more with you soon, but in the meantime, I’d really enjoy reading your own experiences with this placement, so please feel free to comment!